Your Holy Book

Now that we have mapped out and reconciled our spherical-holographic perception in Pisces, we are ready to enter a new celestial cycle in Aries. This weather gifts us the sense of being renewed, curious and ready to engage in a new journey. 

This celestial year, I want you to listen to your heart and express what it is saying in words of wisdom. What is the Flora & Fauna whispering? What are you sensing as the cosmos transition? Activating these light codes is as simple as believing in your truth, your worth, and your wisdom. The more you connect and communicate with yourself and allies the stronger your knowing will be.

I have curated a large collection of allies of Aries which I think you will find quite synchronous. There will be homework associated with these subscriptions and this workshop exists to help you dig a little deeper. Like a new shoe, I’d like everyone to try on all their magickal tools and allies like a new pair. Get to know them on a personal level. Believe them when they tell you what their magick is and how they can help you. Correspondences are a dime a dozen but not always personal. I want us to make deep personal connections this year.

Your homework will be to filter through your journals and grimoires for anything relating to the current astrological energy (Aries, Mars, etc.) seasonal energy (Ostara, Spring), and favored allies/rituals/spells from the past and present.

Start a new grimoire page listing what you currently know and how you have used them in the past. Then spend some time meditating with them. Open your mind to their spirit and voice. What are they saying? Write that down. You are incorporating a lifetime of experience into words of wisdom relating to a special relationship. This is REAL Folk Magick. The kind of Folk Magick created by you. A special kind of magick only you can generate and pass along. It’s the spark of legends and we all have a unique version of it. This is the making of your holy book.