Spell Casting with Aries

Draw on Arian energy when you desire to become more motivated and energetic. When you incorporate Arian energy into your spells and rituals, you are looking to be in control of what you can control. You are looking to take the initiative and lead that you need to take and do so with energy and enthusiasm. This means that you need to find it within you to become more assertive, productive, energetic, and enthusiastic in general. If you are struggling in these areas, you need to examine what could potentially be holding you back.

The fact that you are looking into how you can take on the gifts that Aries has to offer shows you are looking to change your inner programming. You are looking to be more active, confident, and to stop procrastinating. There are many ways that the Arian energy can inspire you to move forward and to take the lead on anything that is important to you.

You will need an ephemeris or other planetary guide to forecast when each of the plants are in Aries. When the attributes of a planet residing in Aries align with your desired intention, you can cast a spell at the time to in invoke and direct those energies to manifest your goal.

Every planet possesses an astrological and magical influence. When the attributes of a planet residing in a certain zodiac align with your desired intention, you can cast a spell to invoke and direct those energies to manifest your goal. For example, ancient Greek and Roman curse tablets were created under the dominion of Saturn.


Positive Polarity

Cardinal Quality

Element of Fire

Ruled by Mars

The energy of passion, action, and desire.



The God of War

The energy of action, drive, passion, and desire.

It influences how we express passion and drive. 

Working with the planets in Aries

The Sun creates confidently and impulsively

Incorporate rituals of rising with the sun, sun salutation postures, fostering personal power, citrus-infused chamomile bath or tea, frankincense aromatherapy, or working with citrine and sunstone.

Mercury communicates quickly and thoughtlessly

Incorporate rituals of divination, spiritual communication, expanding the higher chakras and psychic gifts, vervain and lavender baths, pomegranate tea, cedar aromatherapy, or working with blue kyanite and moldavite.

Venus loves innocently and impulsively

Incorporate rituals for invoking and honoring the Divine Feminine, self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, bergamot and rose baths, violet aromatherapy, cardamom tea, or working with rhodonite and turquoise.

Mars acts bravely and aggressively

Incorporate rituals for protection, release and clearing negativity, wormwood anointing and body oils, hyacinth aromatherapy, nettle tea, or working with pink tourmaline and bloodstone.

Jupiter expands and is spontaneous

Incorporate rituals for self-awareness, personal power, grounding and balance, burning and diffusing sage, chestnut tea, oak aromatherapy, or working with bronzite and lepidolite.

Uranus invents innovatively and destructively

Incorporate rituals for change, visions, divination, and shamanic journeys, burning candles dressed in myrrh, clove aromatherapy, caraway tea and tinctures, or working with dumortierite and spirit quartz.

Saturn controls strongly with difficulty

Incorporate rituals for patience, acceptance, inner peace, and working with the Crone aspect, utilizing comfrey and witch hazel in your self-care and beauty routines, clearing with rue, or working with sapphire and smoky quartz.

Neptune inspires optimistically and over-idealistically

Incorporate rituals for authentic expression, creativity, amplifying inner truth, lily essential oil baths, jasmine tea, pine aromatherapy, and working with coral and jade.

Pluto transforms powerfully and frighteningly

Incorporate rituals for shadow work, inner exploration, spiritual growth, endings and rebirth, hibiscus scented bath, passionflower tea, acacia aromatherapy, and working with hematite and howlite.