The Seven Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Alchemy represent a process by which the first matter may be transmuted into the Philosopher’s Stone. This process may be implemented as ritual, meditation, or physical alchemy, and ideally involves all three forms of spiritual work. The challenge of integrating physical alchemy with ritual lies in most alchemical work occurs over a period of days, weeks, months or even years. We solve this problem in an alchemical process through a series of ritualized stages.

The seven stages are:

  1. Calcination: The breaking down of forms, whether through fire, crushing or disassembly. In alchemy this is depicted as the burning of the prima materia into ash. This stage refers to the breaking of our attachments to the worldly.
  2. Dissolution: The chemical process of dissolution is to take the ashes from calcination and dissolve it in water. This is the dissolving of individuality as we enter the waters of unconsciousness. This stage reveals the buried parts of us primarily driven by ego. The water stage is the process of unearthing the shadow side and releasing the structures and systems that define the perception of ourselves.
  3. Separation: The gentle division of substances that, having been dissolved, are now amenable to this purification. In this stage, we sift through the remaining matter to discern what parts we can learn from. We separate the viable substances that are part of our story and lesson learned or to be learned from those that are holding you back or hindering growth. During this separation we honor and release old wounds, habits and shadows.
  4. Conjunction: Having refined and separated the parts of the whole, this phase creates a new unity at a higher level. This stage is where we craft the elements deemed worthy in separation into a new substance.
  5. Fermentation: Bacteria and other living organisms are introduced to the substance to continue its breakdown. This is the first appearance of mysterious life from lifelessness. This is the stage that tests the depth and resilience of our newly created self.
  6. Distillation: The solution is then boiled and condensed in order to purify the substance. In this stage, we purify the spirit and plant the seeds of the unborn self.
  7. Coagulation: The substance is crystalized into a solid state. This is the stage where matter and spirit become one. The Alchemist sees and understands that the inner world and the outer world are not different, but reflections of each other.