Seasonal Energy of Scorpio

Scorpio season is sometimes viewed as dark and macabre, but this speaks more to the fear of one’s shadow-side than the season itself. From October 23rd to November 22nd, we will get to enjoy Halloween festivities, Samhain observances, and rituals, and the extra-special presence of a Blue Moon kicking off the celebrations for both events. Traditionally it is a time to celebrate the end of the harvest season and get together with friends and neighbors before we huddle together by the hearth indoors.

It can, however, be an intense season. Scorpio sun has a way of stripping all the shallow façades we can grow accustomed to. Shifting from the more communal energy of Libra, Scorpio season is introspective and contemplative. Who’s to say whether this reflective tone perpetuates change or is perpetuated by change. It is a metaphysical version of “what came first the chicken or the egg?”

Nonetheless, as the leaves change, so does our focus. Expect a shift from reason and logic to emotion and intuition, impacting your relationships, career, spiritual gifts, and emotional development.

With Scorpio’s watery resonance, it can be a profoundly emotional time when we are drawn to engage more with our spiritual and emotional bodies. This can cause some to become brooding, guarded, and suspicious.

Above all, whether you are exploring how to ride the hedge, venerating and communicating with ancestors, cultivating divinatory guidance, or honing your craft, Scorpio season is overflowing with truth and wisdom for all who seek it.