Ethical Harvesting of Bones & Guided Meditation

Bone throwing unifies our intuition, ancestor's wisdom, and the spirit of the animal whose remains are incorporated in our osteomancy set. For their gift, these animals deserve respect. Bones should be ethically harvested from natural processes such as sheds or death.

Bones and curios sourced from farmed or slaughtered animals carry a spirit of malice, pain, and ultimately disrespect, creating a blockage when expanding higher consciousness and communing with Spirit. When we purchase bone-throwing sets without knowing the true source of the animal remains, we can compromise the nature of our practice and dishonor our animal allies.

Holding reverence for the cycle of life enriches your practice, enabling you to connect with Gaia's stillness, patience, and peace. During Spring, the season of hope and rebirth, you can honor fallen animals that did not make it through winter by giving them new life as a part of your divinatory practice.

If you feel you have unethically sourced bones in your collection, it's not too late to show respect. Connect with the animal in a spirit-guided visualization, determining whether the bones should be buried and put to rest or gaining the blessing to use their remains as a conduit of divine wisdom and guidance.


When you are ready to connect with your bone or natural curios' animal spirit, place it on a clean cloth in front of you. Light any candles or incense that intuition guides you to.

Deepen your breath, listen for the gentle crashing of waves.

Find yourself walking on smooth beach rock toward the tide with your bone in hand.

The radiant sun makes the water glisten. You are drawn to the healing resonance of the ocean before you.

As your toes touch the water, the wisdom of your soul speaks…

This is the infinite ocean of love and beauty. It can never be sullied or cause harm. Aligned with the highest good, it is sourced from an undying fount of compassion, harmony, and virtue.

Wade into the ocean, gently washing your bone in the healing waters.

Expand your heart and express words of love, beauty, and wholeness—prayers for healing for your spirit and then for the spirit of the animal whose bone you hold.

Let your soul speak.


With compassion, honor, and unity, reflect on the animal you wish to honor. Reflect on the universal process of life and rebirth that connects you and all human and animal kind.

When you are ready, commune with the animal as two eternal souls, two beating hearts, two beings immersed in the ocean of love and beauty.

What does it wish for you to do with the remains you hold? Does it give its blessing to be honored as a conduit of divine guidance in your divinatory practice, or does it wish to be put to rest and become one with the earth again?

Be specific about how together you wish to manifest the highest good

What is the purpose you hold for this animal spirit? How can it help you?

Give space for your hearts to speak.


Receive the animal's response with gratitude and love. You may wish to offer thanks for the wisdom its existence exemplifies and for connecting with you today.

Wade in the healing waters with your spiritual ally for as long as intuition guides you to.

When your ready, focus on the radiance of the sun and journey back to your body through the light.


Once you have completed the visualization, take note of this conversation in your journal or Book of Shadows and go forward with reverence for the animal, its wishes, your magick, and your journey.

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